Mexico Veracruz Mountain Water Decaf Altura

Mexico Veracruz Mountain Water Decaf Altura

The Mountain Water Decaffeination Process is trademarked to the Descamex facility in Mexico. As a popular natural method for decaffeination, the Mountain Water Process uses pure water as an extraction solution, separating the caffeine compounds from the unroasted green coffee.

Mountain Water decaf process green coffee is chemical-free. The decaffeination process removes roughly 99% of the coffee’s caffeine while preserving flavor the coffee’s original sensory profile. 

This lot of Veracruz green coffee beans was sourced from small holders across the region. The coffee combines Tipica, Bourbon and Caturra varieties. Before undergoing decaffeination at the Descamex facility, it was washed and fully sundried.

  • FLAVOR: Chocolate, Cane Sugar, Orange, Plum
  • BODY: Light
  • ACIDITY: Mild
  • PROCESS: Washed & Mountain Water Process Decaffeination

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