Madrone Mountain Coffee is dedicated to the health and general well-being of our customers, staff, neighbors, and friends. We are actively practicing social distancing to decrease community spread of coronavirus and doing our small part to help flatten the curve.

Our coffee roastery is a production only facility and will remain operational until further notice. Customers will be able to order coffee online for delivery to their homes. We are taking the following measures to ensure sanitation during every part of our coffee roasting process:

  1. Only Madrone Mountain Coffee staff will be allowed access to our shop. We will be closed to public visitors.
  2. We have updated our production schedule so that only one staff member is at the shop at a time.
  3. Staff members will sanitize all working areas upon opening and closing and throughout the workday. This includes coffee storage, roasting and all packing areas.
  4. No shared cups or coffee brewing equipment will be used.
  5. We will schedule regular pickups with the USPS so that packages can be delivered with limited social interactions.

On behalf of the entire MMC crew, stay safe, sanitary, smart, and distant!